Things to know before visiting New York City?

Below are a few points of things to know before visiting New York City

When looking for flights, compare flights and times. Between JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports prices can vary wildly. You might find a great deal you didn’t expect to find.

Most hotels do not include breakfast in the nightly rate. If you want to immerse yourself in the neighborhood, read up on breakfast options in the neighborhood or check with your hotel concierge for suggestions with personality.

New Yorkers are kind, but don’t get in our way. Almost all New Yorkers are happy to share directions, help out with the subway, and even recommend restaurants or bars in our neighborhood. Just don’t clog up the sidewalk taking photos and stopping short to look at your map.

Restaurants book up in advance. If you have your eye on certain restaurants (and want to eat at a normal time) be sure to make your reservations in advance. Policies vary for each restaurant, but many open reservations one month in advance.

Taxis aren’t always the fastest transportation. While you get to see a lot of New York from a taxi, they also can get stuck in traffic and barely move. Download a subway app on your phone and purchase a MetroCard to utilize the quick and efficient subway system (it operates 24-hours a day).

Utilize your weekdays. Tourist attractions are busiest on weekends, so plan accordingly. Utilize your weekdays (and specifically, mornings) to visit museums and attractions at their least crowded. On the weekends, join locals at farmers markets or picnics in parks.

By Jessica Colley