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Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Even if you’re familiar with Korean barbecue, the Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong experience is something different. Ranked as one of the 101 Best Restaurants by food critic Jonathan Gold and named one of the 99 Essential Restaurants 2013 by LA Weekly, ‘Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong,’ is 678 Corp. (Korea’s leading restaurant group) and Korean wrestler and comedian, Kang Ho Dong’s sensational Korean BBQ restaurant. Upon its arrival in Los Angeles, it has become a landmark destination for local and international foodies in search of the best Korean barbecue in town. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong NYC strives to be the best that Koreatown, New York has to offer.

Superb Meal

For starters, everything’s of really high quality: from the meats and the sides, to the friendly and super helpful servers.

You can choose from a wide variety of premium beef and pork cuts, which will be cooked before your eyes on their signature tabletop grills. Each grill is uniquely designed to cook a variety of popular Korean side dishes, such as eggs, vegetables, kimchi and cheesy corn, in the trenches encircling it. You can enjoy your barbeque with refreshing a bowl of cold noodles, a choice of stew or our unique, shakable lunch box called ‘doshirak’.

Aside from the superlative meats, which have Instagramming foodies salivating like paparazzi over a glimpse of Kardashian behind, there are drinking foods like pajeon; thick pancakes filled with scallions and seafood; and yukhoe, coarsely chopped beef tartare folded with matchsticks of Asian pear and topped with a wobbly egg yolk. Deuki’s noodles and stews showcase his ability, with both stringy egg (with chopped squid) and chewy, translucent rice noodles radiating from the fermented heat of gochujang. And don’t be alarmed if you see your server flailing his arms about — he’s probably mixing up dosirak. Also known as a Korean lunchbox, the messy, interactive dish forcibly combines rice, kimchi, and a fried egg into something approaching punk-rock bibimbap.

Leading the kitchen is Chef Deuki Hong, a native of Korea who trained under Jean Georges Vongerichten, David Chang and Aaron Sanchez. He is currently working on his first cookbook about Korean cuisine, titledKoreatown, USA, which is scheduled for publication in 2016 by Clarkson Potter.

Good Korean BBQ Place in NY

Stop by Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in New York for flavorful fare and refreshments. It is located on Northern Boulevard in the Korean section of Flushing that is quieter and much less hectic than Downtown Flushing. When you walk in you’ll find cartoon pictures and life sized cut outs of Kang Ho Dong everywhere. The restaurant is large industrial looking open space that very much like you’re in Seoul although bigger than restaurants in Seoul.

The restaurant also offers a family-friendly environment (and menu). Access the Internet free of charge via Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong’s complimentary wifi. You’ll want to save quiet conversations for another spot, though — the restaurant can get noisy.

Celebrate a Special Occasion 

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is now taking lunch weekday and weekend bookings. Private Room Dining seating are available, where they offer only set menus.  The restaurant requires a minimum of 6 people and can accommodate parties up to 24 in our glass enclosed VIP rooms for 2 hour seating. Private events can accommodate parties of up to 80 people.  Parties of 14 or larger are required to order from the premium option menu.

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