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In a city of 8.4 million people packed into 304 square miles, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That is especially true if the city is New York City. However, New York City is still one of the top tourist destinations in the world and why wouldn’t it be?

With some of the most well-known tourist attractions made famous by a plethora of movies, books, and songs. However, as wonderful as New York City is, it still can be overwhelming, confusing, and difficult to get around.

Luckily for confused tourists, Lady Liberty is here to help. No, we’re not talking about one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty. We’re talking about the Facebook Messenger chatbot, AskLadyLiberty, your guide to New York City. AskLadyLiberty has the answers to any of your New York City questions.

If you have been walking all over Manhattan and your stomach is growling but you’re unsure of where to eat, AskLadyLiberty. Just type a simple question like, “where is the best pizza in Manhattan?” The chatbot will give you its recommendation along with a link to help you make decision and find the restaurant.

One thing that is sure to happen in city as busy as New York City is the unexpected. Perhaps your sightseeing in Time Square and wind up on Broadway to discover a show you’ve been wanting to see. Chances are, you won’t have tickets. However, AskLadyLiberty can help with any variation of the query, “how to find Broadway tickets.” Perhaps you just need some advice on how to tip. It’s a reasonable question, especially if you’re a foreigner. AskLadyLiberty can help with that too!

Hopefully you don’t lose your way in New York City. If you do, it would be easy to panic. With AskLadyLiberty, there’s no need to panic. She can help any number of ways. Perhaps you just want directions to your hotel. Or, if you’re too far way to walk and there are no taxis around, ask the chatbot how to use the subway. With 469 stations along the way in all of the boroughs, you’ll probably need her advice.

Perhaps you have some free time late in the afternoon and want to make a detour to the Empire State Building when it wasn’t on your list of things to see. Not only can AskLadyLiberty help you get there, she’ll also tell what time it closes and more!

The AskLadyLiberty chatbot guide also provides easy links to interesting information about New York City which is a great way to spend the time waiting on a subway or waiting in a long line. Everything from pictures of New York City to facts about the Statue of Liberty and the history of the Big Apple. There’s a link right in Messenger for you to simply click and read. If for some reason Lady Liberty can’t answer your question, there’s a button for you to click and the chatbot will search online for an answer to your question! New York City is a special place but it helps to have someone who knows the city. AskLadyLiberty is just a message away!

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